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Frequently Ask Question

In which regions are our services offered?

Mrs. Tudor offers its services to any individual or company in need of legal counsel within the Province of Quebec. Our website ensures that you will be assisted online, effectively, by internet or phone wherever you are located in Quebec. Our service support is done effectively and with ease via our web platform and telephone.

Do we need to meet?

Mrs. Tudor accompanies you wherever you are located in the Province of Quebec.

  • Cease and desist letter: send us your documents online, no need to schedule meetings at our office.
  • SAAQ, CNESST, IVAC, and QPP: we need to schedule an appointment.
What happens after the payment?

For the cease and desist letters, once the payment is made and all the documents sent, you will receive for approval, within the next 24 hours, a copy of your letter. The letter will be mailed as soon as we have your OK!

For the administrative law cases, once you booked and payed for your appointment online, you will meet with Me Tudor for the analysis of your file. Don’t forget to bring all your documents!

Will a lawyer be present at my trial?

As a mediator, I can accompany you during the conciliation session. Assistance for the preparation of the hearing is also offered. However, during the hearing, you will need to represent yourself.

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