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Cease and Desist – Lawyer’s letter Montreal

Cease & Desist

Cease & Desist

Notice and mediation

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Do you have a conflict with another person or amounts to recover? Are you a victim of a hidden defect? Do you live in an uncomfortable situation with a neighbor or even a landlord?

The letter of formal notice, often referred to simply as a “letter of formal notice” or a “lawyer’s letter”, allows you to solve this problem without going to court.

Moreover, even though it is not required in all cases, its usefulness is obvious:

  • it demonstrates the seriousness of the situation;
  • it makes it possible to start the calculation of interest on the amount to be recovered;
  • in many cases, it encourages the other party to fulfill its obligation in order to avoid prosecution;
  • by its nature, it is formal and can be very intimidating;

With the coming into force of the new Code of Procedure, you may need to consider other means to resolve conflicts before going to court. This may be, for example, negotiation or mediation.

There is nothing that prevents you from writing it yourself, we must not forget that it is a formal letter.

We understand that your time is important and limited. To avoid travel, we offer you the opportunity to send us your documents and your summary of facts by email. We take care of the suite. A copy of your formal notice will be submitted to you for approval within 24 hours of receiving your documents. Once the documents are submitted, one of our lawyers will contact you to give you the correct time.

Our firm also offers cease & desist letters, and mediation & negotiation services. Mrs. Tudor is an accredited mediator in civil, commercial, labor and small claims law.

If you think a professional is expensive, it’s because you do not know how much an incompetent person costs at the end of the job.

Send us your documents, pay online, and get your demand letter ready in 48 hours.