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An accident at work can be a traumatic experience and, sometimes, the worker victim of such an accident finds himself alone in facing various demands, as much from his employer as from the CNESST, and feels overwhelmed. Our lawyer CNESST expert will help you cope during this difficult period in your life.

Did you know that:

During an accident at work it is very important to consult a doctor as soon as possible.

It is imperative to explain to the doctor the circumstances of the accident and the fact that it is connected to work.

The worker is, in principle, bound by the opinion of his doctor.

The last years have brought several changes. For example, the “Commission for Occupational Health and Safety”, the “Work Norms Commission” and the “Pay Equity Commission“ were brought together to form the Standards, Equity, Health and Safety Committee work.

CNESST promotes and ensures respect for labor rights and obligations for both Quebec workers and employers.

To do this, it:

  • promotes fair and balanced working conditions;
  • ensures the implementation and maintenance of pay equity;
  • aims at taking charge of health and safety in the workplace, compensates victims of occupational injuries and ensures their rehabilitation.

The 6 things an employee needs to know:

  • You must notify your employer in case of an accident
  • You may be entitled to benefits
  • You can get a temporary assignment
  • You may be entitled to return to work
  • You may be entitled to rehabilitation
  • You can refuse a task

It is important to note that the “Commission des Lésions Professionnelles” (CLP) and the “Commission des Relations de Travail” (CRT) have been replaced by the “Tribunal Administratif du Travail” (TAT). This change led to the departure of members from union associations, and employers who previously attended hearings as assessors and could have had a useful role, especially when a party was not represented. In these circumstances, it is even more important for a worker to be represented by counsel at the hearing.