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Administrative Law

administrative law

A traffic accident, or an accident at work, can have serious consequences: injuries that can lead to a loss of working capacity, even a disability, loss of employment and ultimately a significant loss of life. We understand it because we have seen it many times; honest people, in good faith, who do not know the system or its pitfalls and who end up paying a heavy price for their innocence.

Over the years, we have heard clients tell us how much they felt harassed by these organizations dedicated to protecting them: SAAQ, CNESST (CSST), IVAC or QPP. They felt enraged by the lack of support from them.

Most of these people had not been represented by a lawyer during their proceedings, or their representatives were not specialized in this technical area.

Our opinion? Consult a lawyer as soon as you have an accident!

Did you know that the consultation time after an accident weighs heavily in the balance to determine if you are a victim of a car accident or work? We know, as you do, that wait times in emergencies can be very long. We also know that the wait time to see a family doctor can be as long, if you are lucky enough to have one! On the other hand, not acting immediately can have a very important impact on the admissibility of your file.

For the past 10 years, Mrs. Tudor as a lawyer in Montreal & Laval, has been helping victims of accidents claim their rights before these organizations and alleviate this difficult period of their lives.

Our values? Professionalism, rigor as well as a human approach. A customer is never just a file number.